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Skip Permits Gravesend

When you hire a skip, you will need to really have a skip permit in position before you put it on a public highway (which includes sidewalks, roads and highways). You need to make sure that the permit is current and
covers the types of waste you are getting rid of.


Unless your permit allows the skip to be put on the
pavement, don’t put skips on the highway in positions where they
might eventually be a nuisance or a danger to road users.

Safety measures to follow are:

– Use cones and amber flashing mark lights around the skip when
it’s dark or difficult to see due to fog, mist and other conditions
*fix reflective markers on both ends of the skip
*avoid putting the skip on the pavement, manhole covers, drains,
grates or alternative utility access points

Make sure:
dangerous for road users and pedestrians
*the skip is not over filled and its contents are secure, covered with
netting or dampened to halt the waste materials from inside blowing out
*the skip doesn’t comprise materials likely to pose a hazard of fire, explosion and will not release toxic fumes or
present a health or environmental danger

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