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Gravesend Waste Management is supporting an ecofriendly landfill gas project in Indonesia as portion of its Carbon Neutral dedication.

The absolute waste management specialist is backing a significant Landfill Gas Management & Power Generation endeavor at the Bantargebang site — the largest landfill in Indonesia covering 120 hectares. The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) carbon offset project works to reclaim landfill gas which can subsequently be converted into energy at the power plant. Gravesend Waste Management is working with Carbon Footprint Ltd* on the project in Indonesia, to offset its entire yearly emissions of 2,783 tonnes of CO2.

This is equivalent to 40 million miles in a family car or the yearly output of 800 UK families.
Mick Ashall, Manager at Gravesend Waste Management, said: “Our dedication to complete waste management whilst remaining carbon neutral since 2011 make this endeavor a perfect match for Gravesend Waste Management, and one which we’re quite proud of.
“The project in Indonesia is creating 1,500 jobs for local people, as well as critical improvements to the well-being and working conditions of onsite workers. This includes better sanitary conditions, the supply of clean water and education programmes to encourage recycling and energy generation from landfill gas. Each year the project will conserve more than 700,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions — a huge amount which will make a real difference to the environment across the area.

“Carbon Footprint supports a range of carbon canceling jobs, but as a waste and recycling specialist, we felt this landfill project had a real synergy with our aims as well as our dedication to achieve zero landfill waste here in the UK.”

Mick Ashall added: “We are absolutely dedicated to ensuring our company does not possess a negative effect on the surroundings and are always looking at new ways to ensure we have as little impact ourselves as possible. Gravesend Waste Management also supports jobs and schemes both locally and internationally to counter our own carbon emissions.

“Our continuing Carbon Reduction Obligation mean we’ll carry on looking at and implementing new and advanced ways to remain Carbon Neutral.”

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